Our Cattle


Since the early days of our purebred Hereford cows we have worked to build our herd with females who had great maternal abilities while producing calves that would gain well and exhibit excellent carcass characteristics. That effort continues today as our cattle express some of the best characteristics of the Hereford, Simmental, and Angus breeds. Every one of our freezer beef cattle was born and raised right here on our farm.

Diet and care:

Our cattle receive a simple, hormone free diet of corn silage (entire corn plant and ear chopped and fermented), ground corn grown on our farm, locally supplied soybean meal, and a vitamin and mineral supplement. The cattle not only enjoy their grain supplemented diet, but it is a great tool in producing the juicy, flavorful, well-marbled beef our customers enjoy. We are frequently asked if our beef is considered organic. The answer is no, our cattle do not meet the requirements to be certified as organic. In order to meet that requirement, all their feed would need to be certified organic, and for our operation that isn’t a viable option. We’re also often asked about antibiotic use in our cattle. When the need arises because of sickness, we may administer antibiotics. Should that be the case we take care to adhere to responsible use guidelines suggested by the FDA.